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Real Fruit Honey Jam | No added preservatives, colour, sugar : Mulberry ( Pack of 2 )

Real Fruit Honey Jam | No added preservatives, colour, sugar : Mulberry ( Pack of 2 )

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No added flavour or colors

No Sugar or Sweetners

No chemicals or preservatives


The Cleanest & innovative jam in the world is made. Eatopia Mulberry Berry Jam is a 100% pure and natural blend of luscious and juicy mulberries immersed in the natural sweetness of honey. With 70% fruit content, you can actually feel the mulberries melting in your mouth.

World's first jam made with only Honey that has no refined sugar, sweetener, artificial preservatives, added colors or flavors. It has Clean and Innocent ingredients in it.

Our jams are not deep red in colour because unlike other brands we don't add any colour.

Eating Jams Shouldn't make you feel Guilty !

Fruit Jams are an important part of our breakfast, they shouldn't be unhealthy. Most jams in the market are full of refined sugar, chemicals, colors that you don't even feel like eating. Hence, we made the Cleanest & Healthiest Honey Jam.

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what's inside?


Nature's Nutrient Treasure. Rich in Vitamin C,Immunity building nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and more."


Nature's Sweet Elixir. Rich in Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Strengthens immunity, and aids digestion."



Our Mulberry Jam is made with pure and natural berries and honey, and does not contain refined sugars, preservatives, added flavours and other evil ingredients like conventional jams.,

No, our Mulberry Jam is sugar-free, as it relies on the natural sweetness of the mixed berries and honey.

No. We rely on the natural preservation properties of the berries and careful manufacturing processes to ensure its freshness.

Yes, we recommend refrigerating the jam after opening to maintain its quality and extend its shelf life

No, our Honey Jam does not contain stevia or any other artificial sweeteners. The sweetness comes solely from the mixed berries and honey..

All our jams are crafted with care by Eatopia, as we believe in maintaining the highest quality standards and using the freshest all-natural ingredients available.

Customer Reviews

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V prashanth
Goodness in everybite

Happy to say the Jam is very good ,my son loves it too , Richness in taste ,Goodness in jam,Happiness in Mind ,Worry less for bad effect on Health with no Sugar or Artificial color or preservatives.