About Us

Eatopia was born in our humble Kitchen.

No Super Marketers. No consultants. No fancy office. Just a dedicated father cum food scientist. Eager and driven. On a mission to make a snack that was yummy, clean and healthy . 

Eatopia was born in the midst of the pandemic lockdown. With the world outside at a standstill, our kitchen was bustling with activity. Experimenting with superfoods, tasting countless iterations, and finally, creating something deliciously healthy that would make any grandmother proud.

And so, amidst the chaos, Eatopia came into being - a testament to our love for good food, respect for nature, and a burning desire to make a difference. We're here to defy the odds and prove that food can be both healthy and delicious.

A Tribute  to Our Grandmothers

Our grandmothers knew the secret to good food: simple, wholesome ingredients prepared with love. Those meals, devoid of artificial additives and brimming with natural goodness, are the ones we still crave. They were the epitome of nature's bounty - pure, unadulterated, and incredibly delicious. At Eatopia, we channel that grandmotherly wisdom and bring it to the modern table.

The shift : Addressing A Global Dietary Crises

As we've grown, we've observed the worrying global shift towards a 'Western-style' diet, characterized by high-calorie, highly processed foods, and excessive animal products. This diet is not only harmful to human health but also unsustainable for our planet. At Eatopia, we aim to counter this trend by offering healthy, natural, and sustainably produced food options.

We get obsessive with our food.

We never cut corners. Nothing artificial is added just to save the cost or to make it tempting. We follow ‘ If Nature doesn't make it, Don’t add it…’

Making healthy eating accessible.

Let's face it. Not everyone has the time to whip up a nutrition-packed meal or snack. But we all aspire to nourish our bodies better. Our superfood-infused products are crafted for the fitness enthusiast, the busy professional, the parent seeking healthier snacks for their children. With clean, wholesome, sustainable ingredients, free from all the evil,and minimally processed, we aim to create something everyone can relish - regardless of where they are on their journey to healthier eating.

Today, Eatopia has a wide range of spreads, energy snacks, and cereals, both sweet and savoury, made with superfoods - products that are 100% healthy and lip-smackingly delicious. We are constantly working on improving one food, one product and one meal at a time and making them without any EVIL ingredients.'

Eatopia: NO EVIL AT ALL.

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Brand Purpose

To reconnect people to the innocent pleasure of food in its purest, most natural form - as nature intended.


To be the most trusted name in clean, simple food that nourishes both body and soul.


We bring back the joy of eating by sourcing ingredients ethically, carefully crafting meals with love, and spreading the message of clean eating everywhere.

Our Values

Eatopia operates on a foundation of core values that influence our actions and decisions