About Us

It all started with a father’s quest to find a snack that was truly healthy for his daughter. He scanned many racks, but all he could find were empty calories with generous helpings of harmful ingredients. It was then that Jacob George decided to start off making products that were made of genuinely good ingredients – no maida, no refined sugar, nothing fried, no artificial colours and flavours, no synthetic tastemakers, no evil at all. The fact that he was a food scientist with over 15 years of experience in building some of the best brands and products, both in India and internationally, is what actually set the ball rolling.

He had the know-how. But this was new territory. With time, after dabbling with tastes going haywire, consistencies being not so desirable, preservation bailing out, over many failed attempts with different ingredients, Eatopia came into being in 2020. And with every new introduction, comes a new challenge, but we plough on tirelessly.

Today, Eatopia has a wide range of spreads, energy snacks, cereals, both sweet and savoury, made with superfoods - products that are a 100% healthy and lip-smackingly delicious. Our ethos continues to be purpose over profits, soul over sales and making products just as nature intended. And that’s the only way it will always be.