Crystallisation of Honey

Crystallisation of Honey

The Truth Behind Honey Crystallization: Why Pure Honey Naturally Hardens Over Time.

If you've ever purchased honey only to find it crystallized into a thick paste, you're not alone in your confusion. Many consumers are unsure of what causes their bottle of honey to harden over time. However, honey crystallization is actually a completely natural process undergone by pure, unadulterated honey like Eatopia honey.

Does Real honey crystallize? And why does it crystallize? 

Yes, most pure and raw forms of Honey do crystallize. Honey is a natural product, and it has the tendency to crystallize over time. Crystallization of honey does not affect the nutrition and quality of honey in any way. Crystallization of sugars is a very natural process; it just means that the sugar exists in a different form. This process has no effect on the antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and health benefits offered by honey.

Why does honey crystallize?


Honey contains 60-70% sugars and up to 20% water. The sugars like glucose and fructose present in the honey crystallize depending on the composition of the honey and its water content. The degree or extent of crystallization varies from one type to another.

The crystallization depends on the ratio of these sugars, how the honey is handled and the temperature of storage. Sometimes the presence of small particles of beeswax/pollen can lead to faster crystallization of the honey.



Low temperatures or when honey is stored in areas where the temperature is around 10-15 ℃, the honey starts crystallizing. It's best to store honey at room temperature or in warmer places. It's best not to refrigerate honey. 

Once crystallization begins, the honey can be consumed as it is or also be liquefied by placing the jars in warm water (30 - 40℃) or in a double boiler.

As a pure, natural sweetener, Eatopia honey supports digestive health and immunity when consumed in moderation. Rich in antioxidants, it is a fantastic natural energy source, great for active families on the go. Eatopia honey's unprocessed makeup and list of nutritional benefits make it an easy addition to breakfasts, baked goods and more for people of all ages looking to improve their diets.

So, the next time a jar of honey turns cloudy and hard, understand it as a sign you're enjoying authentic honey in its most natural state- pure and unaltered by artificial processes that can compromise quality. Try an all-natural Eatopia honey and experience the difference pure honey can make.

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