Eatopia Mixed berry Honey Jam –480 g

Eatopia Mixed berry Honey Jam –480 g

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Jam that’s healthy, with just the right amount of nostalgia, and filled with lots of love.
It is the jam we swear by! It is the most loved by both kids and adults alike. Think of lush strawberries, juicy mulberries, and vibrant blueberries drowned in the sweetness of honey to give you a perfect sugar-free jam. Forget the seeds, all you can feel is the smooth texture of the mixed berry pulp and pieces that will excite your sensory buds. Our mixed berry honey jam is not an indulgence – it is a product that can add a healthy and tasty spin to anything mundane.
Use it like a fruit spread over bread or chapati, stir some in your overnight oats, smear some on your desserts or brighten any dish that calls for a punch of sweetness.

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