We from Eatopia, think our Nut Pops are a powerhouse. Why? You ask,  once they explode in your mouth, they fill you up with a whole lot of energy, ample nutrients and leave a sweet lingering taste behind. 

The pops are made with 

  • Nuts 

We all love nuts and we know you do too!

They comprise high amounts of all the (good for you) fats, dietary fibre and are a great source of protein. Besides being rich in vitamins (especially Vit. E), minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium) nuts contain a whole bunch of bioactive macronutrients.

Eatopia’s Nut Pops have a combination of Almonds and Cashews in them.
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  • Seeds 

These tiny ingredients are superfoods with superpowers.

They are loaded with bioactives, minerals and vitamins.

The major part of the fat they contain is unsaturated, has high amounts of omega – 3 fatty acids and contributes to a wide range of health benefits (heart health is at the top of this list).

Eatopia’s Nut Pops have a blend of watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds, to obtain maximum benefits of this superfood category.

  • Honey 

Apart from its sweet lingering taste, this beautiful golden liquid coats the nuts and seeds, holding them together. Being a natural preservative, it has a role in preserving the quality of the product.
Eatopia’s pure honey is NMR Tested, with no added sugar, or additives. 

Check out Eatopia’s range of natural honey.

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Why is Eatopia’s Nut Pop the healthiest snack you’ll ever eat? 

Nuts and seeds – they are digested slowly, thanks to all the good protein, fibre and fats they have! This means instead of a spike in energy levels, they lead to more sustained and steady energy levels, ultimately reducing hunger pangs and preventing feelings of lethargy/being drained.

Though nuts and seeds are high in fats. The type of fat they contain are known to –  contribute to higher energy levels, boost your metabolism and also have cardio-protective actions (remember all the omega-3s).

We choose to rely on our multilayer packaging to help maintain the natural state of our product and therefore stay away from using synthetic additives or preservatives.

These Nut pops are the perfect snack in the healthy meets tasty category!! Available in 3 different flavours – Pure honey, Peri Peri and Pepper & Herbs. The Pepper & Herb is our spicy twist to the honey-coated treats, whereas our Peri-Peri flavour is a combination of zesty, sweet and spicy. 

Easy to munch and hard to resist! Everyone from Baby Boomers to Millennials and even Gen-Z can enjoy these bite-sized treats.
Now you know all about our Nut Pops and what goes into making them!

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